• Wed 25th Mar 2020 - 2:34pm

    Hyper Male Force However, if you liked it more than you thought, then have fun and remember: after all, you can still hug affectionately; ) What are the features of a modern ideal man? We can still reproduce the beaten word: "Male alpha male using only soap", but are they still conquering our hearts? By closely observing the current trends, you can identify several features specific to men considered attractive over the past few years: a well-built body for training, a passion for healthy eating, good knowledge of fashion, and well-groomed, well-groomed skin. Sounds scary? Well, the average guy may feel a little insecure reading this description, but we're not interested in the average, right? Bartłomiej Barański: fitness model, personal trainer, II Deputy Minister of the Opole region. Passionate about sport, healthy lifestyle, motivator of others. Women make happy each day with another portion of sexy photos on their social channels. See for yourself: Unrestrained lust, igniting passion, uncontrollable erotic fantasies! In "Sex of Poles" there is no mention of boredom even for a moment. See what's happening in the neighbors' bedroom.

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