Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Reavezz

    B M

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  • FleXNSB

    Brian Wood

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  • Mettix

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  • LuciD

    Logan "LuciD" Agosta

    Thanks to all of your support! I can continue to stream and you have made it very ENJOYABLE for me! I will be going to LAN with Team ViTaL 5 June 19th. I am a Real Estate Agent in Omaha, NE. with a construction license as well. I currently stream as a hobby but it would be nice if the support becomes enough to stream ALL the time! I have a massive passion for gaming and always will! I play for an ESEA team as. We currently have a 5-1 record. I will be posting giveaways, tutorials, product reviews and CSGO in game strat videos. I like to show smoke grenade videos, case openings, matches and pugging game play.* Sometimes I will play Starcraft 2 as well....Read More

  • SilverTaG0d

    Conrad Silveri

    I shoot things before everyone else...Read More